About Us


Bot i Lam  was established in 2007 by British designer Xaverie Bakemhe. Regarded for its inspired blending of cultures, Bot I Lam specialises in the translation of iconic Cameroonian garment styles and represents an innovation in ethical fashion. An initial focus on the traditional Kaba dress saw founder and creative director Xaverie modernise the free flowing shape, lifting the hem and tailoring the silhouette in line with contemporary trend.
Authentic fabrics such as cotton Wax are sourced locally in the capital Yaoundé, with independent tailors paid a fair wage to produce each garment: this reinvestment in Africa is central to the Bot i Lam philosophy of fashion with a conscience. An additional UK factory base is also used for particular designs.
The spirited Cameroon sensibility is present in the blown-up heritage patterns, roller printed in the customary style through blossom and bloom colourways. A fresh elegance derived of Xaverie’s French education and current London base establishes the uplifting aesthetic of this stand-out universal brand.